Other projects

This section features work done for non profits with very little direction (see Whale and Dolphin sanctuary infographics) or while in college (super glue, the NY Hippodrome & the ugly duckling.)All illustrations featured here are done by moi.

Fictitious ads for Super Glue. What happens when super heores meet super fans armed with super glue?!  This ad features Spiderman.

The NY Hippodrome Theater featured some of Houdini’s most popular vanishing acts.
These posters show case what Ads for Houdini could have been like in today’s world.
The NY Hippodrome was demolished in 1939. Today a less interestin building going by the same name stands in it’s place.

Quick concepts for the NY Hippodrome Theater website.
The Logo placement would randomize on page load.

Illustration work for the ugly duckling story book - a classic.
HAHA DADA inspired.
Infographics done for the non profit Earth Law Center.
Near Threatened species to extinct in Ururguay.

The food web in Urgurguy’s Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary.

What’s an estuary? Let’s learn.

Who lives, breeds and migrates through the estuary?

How community and tourism help

Whats does a hope spot do?